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Warfare in the Knight Online every Knight one of the most wanted to participate in activities, can be a show not only share the personal Knight Noahpower in conjunction with members of the team in the team, also is a read-only to become addicted to the activity. Theater people, and one of his two families and four professions take advantage of its strengths and tactics, released in a limited space limitless energy.
At the end of last week (12th) plain country fight open for the first time, players put on a human animal duigong war. Previously the first open battle terrain is a winding mountain road, the two Knights in the often maze-like mountain walking Knight Goldrelatively dispersed, and enemy encounter is also a small war. War and the open plain country, wilderness maps are flat, the main city of the respective side of man and beast. Beginning of the war, the two main city of the emergency unit to each other all of the Knights, eventually heart meet, war broke out. The war not only relative concentration of firepower, and there is a country of previous large war experience and make the fight more real combat capability of both sides. Knight Online NoahThe beginning is a ORC gatekeepers will be a one by one, people in small gained the upper hand, but the ORC final victory by stubborn resistance.
Warfare is a can give full play to, free activities, it has been loved by all players. In the State of war in the future we will also adapt to make live reports, not only for those who haven't been able to enter the country players see them all, or you can make the war heroes have the opportunity to recall the then highlights. Relevant country knight online goldplease pay attention to the Knight Online official website.