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Every Knight in world of Warcraft has a tragic ending, or die, either into the undead, or renegade death Knights. In world of Warcraft are what these Knights of sadness in it?
Uther is a founder of the silver hand, head of the Knight of the Knights of the silver hand. He has a Crown Prince disciple, Alsace.
In front of Stan SOM, Uther refused the demands of massacre of Alsace and Alsace in the name of the throne heir, announced that Uther for high treason, and announced the dissolution of the Knights of the silver hand.
When Alsace picked up after the frostmourne, Knight in Andorhal took his father's ashes, and personally killed his teacher.
"Remember, Alsace, we are Paladin. Revenge is not something we have to do. If we let their passion into a bloodthirsty, then we will be as despicable as orcs. "Uther to Alsace, are still ringing.
Alsace is the Crown Prince in 7 countries intended for human luodanlun, leader of the Knights of the silver hand disciple of Uther when a Paladin.
WAR3, Alsace participated in Lordaeron plague incident investigation-and Jaina.
Andorhal, he led a small army of found Andorhal people eat the donation of the plagues of cereals, those poor Knight Arthas ' forces were later turned into a zombie attack. Here, Alsace has experienced real bloodshed, he witnessed his comrades one by one around me fall, villagers of the plague, food grains-bashing attack them one by one. Finally, been of Uther Jaina brought him the ride to the rescue of Alsace, but people around him have already left.