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The KnightOnline tournament in China, South Korea and Japan in a private account is issued, all Knight come to receive it!
Match account availability in China, Knight NoahSouth Korea and Japan there are five:
First, the National Championship four
The 2005 national championship match racing the top four teams can take part in the three countries directly, we will Knight, head of account sent to the mailbox, head of the four recently checking their mailboxes.
Second, month tribute top ten
Tribute list May 2005 month human, Orc's top ten players will be able to access accounts, players send mail as soon as possible to Knight Gold (sanguosai@contact.Sohu.com), and indicate your account number, which regions, servers, people nicknamed, in order to obtain an account.
Third, the King recommended
Six area people recommend 60 Knight beast King player, King will be communicated to all accounts, by the King to recommend the players hands.
Four, page registration
Registration portion of the page a total of 260. Player account number announcement page, check and check their registration email, Knight Online Noahour account number will be sent to players leaving the registration mailbox.
Five, the final guansai accounts
Order to allow more players to see China's "Dragon Blaster world" charm, to come to the players go, Sohu games have in store for the majority of players within a small amount of the final game to watch account. As long as you are now launching the KnightOnline of "Party" base camp activities, and the date set for June 9. You are given the opportunity to become the lucky viewers of the event, and cheer for China's legions, oiled withknight online gold your friends.
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